An example of logo creation for a client on limited time and budget.

A friend reached out to me regarding a childhood acquaintance who needed a logo quickly for a new scientific think tank. Her goal was to create a new US southern region networking and educational conference for scientists living in Texas to Florida. These brilliant minds would come from diverse technical and scientific backgrounds. Other areas in the US have similar like-minded conventions but nothing existed in the south. The purpose was to bring these experts together to collaborate, educate, share resources, and discuss their common issues and solutions. Located in the heart of Texas, Austin to be exact, she is creating the first ever meeting in January 2018.

After deciding on the name, “Sci Comm South,” (the words “Science” and “Communication” merged), I was tasked with creating several logo options to be used on various promotional materials, such as ecards, premiums, and printed brochures. With each logo presented, I supplied a short rationale to give this client my insights on each design. Click on each logo to see the idea and concept.