I’m an experienced graphic designer, copywriter, and communication professional that has worked for advertising agencies and local businesses to develop and present their products and services. Currently, I am working for several personal clients on various projects – from a complete rebrand, new or updated logo designs, and a major design assignment.

At my previous full-time employer, Key Access Institute, my focus was in the education and health care industries. I was tasked with helping to establish a surgical training school, from the ground up. In my role, I was responsible for the creation and maintenance of all print and digital projects for two businesses. The sister company was Key Surgical Assistants of Texas, a surgical service business. I developed multiple projects, from PowerPoints to student recruitment ecards to brochures and updates to social media. I also wrote all content, origination to final editing, along with coordinating updates as necessary. To present an accurate reality in the marketing materials, I lead custom photo shoots in our mock clinical setting and offsite at hospital ORs as well as digitally edited all imagery.

In my 15 years at the advertising agency, I concentrated on employee communication, engagement and recruitment for local, national and international clients. Through innovative design and copy, we developed successful advertising and communication that focused on collaboration and interconnecting companies with the right people. I’ve lead teams and worked solo on numerous projects in industries from information technology, health care, oil & gas, entertainment, and retail. From internal employee communication to developing campaigns for specific target markets, I’ve produced diverse and successful projects from print, digital, displays and premiums. My skills include vendor coordination, project management, photo shoot direction and managing budgeting and meeting tight deadlines while maintaining brand integrity.

If you have any questions about my experience or want to discuss a project, I’d love to talk. Please contact me via email debbie@debbiemansfield.com.